What is the MyGuestlist API?

The MyGuestlist API allows third-party systems and websites to communicate with MyGuestlist. Data can then be sent or received between the two systems.

What can I do with the MyGuestlist API?

You can perform several functions with the MyGuestlist API, including (but not limted to):

Contacts Store and Retrieve contacts in MyGuestlist, allowing users of your product to engage with their customers effectively.
Campaigns Incorporate MyGuestlists powerful campaign infrastructure to deliver transactional or bulk marketing email and SMS messages.
Purchase Transactions Push purchase information such as Point of Sale transactions to MyGuestlist for deeper insights into customers, and more powerful marketing criteria.
SMS Replies Send SMS messages through MyGuestlist, and receive replies to those messages in a virtual SMS inbox. Access those reply messages programatically to take automated actions on them.

There's plenty more the MyGuestlist API can do. For more information, be sure to check out the docs.

How can I access the MyGuestlist API?

Before you can use the API, you'll need a MyGuestlist API Key. API Keys are available for all MyGuestlist accounts. If you already have a MyGuestlist account, send an email to support@myguestlist.com and ask us to send you through your API Key.

I'm a Partner and need API keys for multiple accounts

The MyGuestlist Partner API allows external systems to obtain MyGuestlist API keys on behalf of their users. For more information, be sure to check out our Partner API docs.


MyGuestlist provides a basic PHP SDK for developers to quickly get up-and-running with the MyGuestlist API. Using these classes you can send campaign messages from your system with MyGuestlist. For even more advanced functions, be sure to check out the docs.


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